Communication and Negotiation Training for Sorority Women

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Mussleman, Macie
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of the project was to determine whether administering a communication and negotiation training program to women would increase their confidence levels for entering the workforce and negotiating for a higher starting salary. The project involved conducting a needs analysis to determine the participant’s current level of communication knowledge and negotiation skills. The results were analyzed and the training program was formally developed and administered. The training was evaluated using a training satisfaction measure and a pretest/posttest measure of negotiation confidence. This study hypothesized that once women have higher knowledge on workplace communication and negotiation skills, their confidence will increase, thus leading to better negotiation outcomes and higher initial salary upon workforce entrance. The paired sample t-test results of the training evaluation showed that there was significant confidence change from the training (t(2) = -12.12, p < .01).
communication and negotiation, training for women, sorority women, communication negotiation training for sorority women