The Stranger Meets Modern Pop

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Bird, Eryn
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
This creative project explores the question of whether the classic album The Stranger by Billy Joel can still keep its impact and relevance when converted into a modern pop genre. The production portion of this project consists of five tracks from the album that were re-interpreted and produced into today’s pop standards featuring female vocalists. The written component of this creative project consists of a detailed analysis of the album The Stranger by Billy Joel and modern pop music’s current market trends. This analysis includes background information on the album, an analysis of each track on the album, and information about the pop music trends of 2019 from research and critical listening. The application of the techniques and methods applied from the analysis to the creative project are cited and explored.
Media and Entertainment, Billy Joel, music, pop music, music industry market, The Stranger, album, pop, modern