The Influence of Person-Organization Value Congruence on Applicants' Level of Attraction Towards an Organization

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Meyerink, Denielle Jo
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Middle Tennessee State University
Previous research has shown that when applicants describe their ideal organization, they prefer one that is most similar to them (Tom, 1971). The findings of this study further support previous research, in that a higher level of similarity between the values of the applicant and the perceived values of the organization will result in applicants being are attracted to the specific organization. Additionally, this higher level of similarity leads applicants to believe they would better fit in with the given organization. This study also found that the participants’ perceptions of fit and value of congruence were accurate, indicating that applicants can accurately determine whether or not they would fit in well with the company and its employees.
By matching the values profile of an applicant with the profile of an organization, one can predict the employee’s satisfaction and perhaps even determine the applicant’s intent to stay with the. Employees will be more likely to be satisfied and remain with the organization, which will in turn save the organization the financial burden of hiring and training their replacement.
Organizational Attraction, Organization Culture Profile, Perceived Fit, Person-Organization Fit, Value Congruence, Values