Select Ethnic Enclaves and their Cultural Indicators in Nashville, Tennessee: Nolensville Road

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Massey, Kelsey
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This project seeks to explain the cultural footprint of Nolensville Road in Nashville, Tennessee. It does so by documenting ethnic enclaves, which are specific areas where one or more particular ethnicities reside. Ines Miyares defines and explains ethnic enclaves through indicators such as language, script, toponyms, flags, and colors (49). This project frames and explains the ethnic landscape of Nolensville Road through these indicators. Nolensville Road possesses other important indicators such as religious structures, retail stores, and restaurants. The current ethnic indicators are documented below through a series of photographs. Geographer, Jim Chaney has also done significant work documenting migration within Nashville and subsequent settlement in the area. Dr. Chaney’s research will serve as a large contributor to this project. As ethnic enclaves fluctuate and change as people migrate, it should be noted, this project provides a snapshot of the current ethnic neighborhoods and settlement tendencies in the area of study. Academics and researchers interested in immigration can utilize this study to understand the current landscape of the area of study or another ethnically diverse area. Research compiled also served to create a lesson plan designed for 9th-12th grade social studies classrooms to foster understanding and appreciation for diversity and cultural studies.
ethnic enclave, international corridor, immigration, geography, Nashville, ethnic indicators, immigrant, Latino, Kurds