Consumers’ Evaluations of and Purchasing Intentions towards Online Styling Services

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Pehrson, Jana
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This study examines consumers’ (N=166,133 women, 31 men, 2 missing) evaluations of and purchasing intentions towards online styling services (OSS). The objectives of the study were to (1) examine consumers’ motivations for online clothes shopping, (2) evaluate consumers’ interest in and experience with OSS, (3) examine previous interest in and experience with OSS related to shopping motivations, and (4) examine purchase intentions of OSS consumers. An online survey was conducted to measure online (hedonic) shopping motives, participants’ overall readiness and experiences on OSS, and several demographic items. Results showed that consumers with higher levels of hedonic shopping motives had a higher intention to pursue an OSS. Female participants had a higher level of interest towards OSS than male participants. There was no significant difference between plus-size and regular-size shoppers in their attitudes towards OSS and finding appealing qualities to the service. Implications of these findings for research on OSS were developed through studying the nature of OSS, gender differences in shopping motivations, and differences between plus size and regular size shoppers.
online shopping, online styling services, consumer behavior, shopping motivations, online survey, hedonic shopping motives, utilitarian shopping motives, plus-size and regular-size shoppers