The Effects of a Powdered Post-milking Teat Dip on Mastitis and Teat Condition in Dairy Cattle in the Winter Months

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Leonard, Kacie
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Mastitis is disease that is very prevalent in dairy herds around the world. It has many effects on both the cow and the farm. The effects of a powdered post dip (Derma Soft n' Dry) on teat end health and somatic cell count (SCC) were observed over a 21-day period. Holstein cows (n = 8 per treatment) were randomly assigned to the control group (regular iodine-based post-milking teat dip) or the treatment group (powdered post­milking teat dip). Daily milk yield and activity levels were measured throughout the study using the Afimilk® parlor system. Milk samples were collected weekly to test for SCC and teat end scores were assigned prior to collection of the milk samples. Samples with a SCC of>250,000 cells/mL were cultured using a tri-plate agar to determine which bacterial species were present. There were no significant differences in daily milk yield, conductivity, SCC, activity time, or rest time between the control and treatment groups (P > 0.05). Teat end sores in relation to the treatment were not significantly different (P = 0.9794). Furthermore, the control and treatment group showed similar bacterial growth indicating that there was no significant difference by treatment.