Fundamental kinesiology made plain and simple : a programmed text for students.

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Holland, William
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Middle Tennessee State University
Kinesiology, the science of human movement, is taught to give anyone basic understanding and concepts concerning how and why the human body moves as it does. Kinesiology is a foundation class for the college undergraduate or graduate student in any of several areas of study including sports medicine, nursing, physical therapy, coaching, physical education, safety, fitness and wellness, aerobics, sports training, risk management, or any of the lifetime sports. However, students often have little or no background in science and even more frequently have difficulty in identifying essential concepts and understandings particularly when confronted with a verbose, technical textbook that is very intimidating. This programmed text is one solution. It is designed to enable the student to build a foundation of knowledge, one step at a time, while feeling confident that upon completion of the text, the more important concepts, essential facts, understanding, and vocabulary will have been mastered. Application of concepts and principles of anatomy, physiology, and the mechanics of human activity are incorporated. Topics covered include beginnings of kinesiology, joints, muscles, muscular action, machines of the body, stability and motion, force and work, factors of stability, and classification of William Harold Holland activities. Upon completion of the text, students should have an understanding of the anatomic background essential for understanding human movement, should understand the fundamentals of mechanics as they apply to movement analysis, and should understand kinesiologic analysis of human movements.