The Sociology of Breaking Bad and Societal Relevance: Methamphetamine Abuse, Marital Dissolution & White-Collar Crime

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Webb, Alan
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
This research project seeks to assess the contemporary societal trends depicted in the hit television series Breaking Bad while comparing them within the context of modern culture. This thesis will analyze three sociological factors portrayed in the series as well as their societal counterparts: methamphetamine abuse, marital dissolution, and white-collar crime. In the first section, methamphetamine abuse is conceptualized within the confines of the series and then expounded upon in reality. The second chapter of this project will delve into the White family’s marital dissolution within Breaking Bad and highlight the most common causes of divorce in society. The final section of this research will conclude with a brief overview of white-collar crime depicted in Breaking Bad and its influence on the real-world economy. This research concentrates on combating these societal issues for a better, more unified future.
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, Breaking Bad, methamphetamine abuse, white-collar crime, Divorce, marital separation, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Domestic Violence, Heisenberg