The promises and pitfalls of creating an online public history program : a study of successful examples of the past and plans for the future /

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Whittenberg, Albert
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Middle Tennessee State University
This dissertation examines the possibilities of converting a graduate archival studies or management program to one partially (or completely) online with the purpose of expanding student enrollment numerically and geographically. To do this, the research will not only focus on traditional graduate programs in archives but also existing or recently developed distance learning programs. Key online programs will be explored including San Jose State University, Clayton State University, Drexel University, the University of Pittsburg, the University of South Carolina, East Tennessee State University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Archival Education Collaborative (of which Middle Tennessee State University is a partner) in hopes of identifying best practices and detailing both the successes and pitfalls of trying to implement such programs. Examining trends in graduate education, online education, archival studies and key interviews with both faculty and students from these various programs will give a true working model for programs/courses to be developed for the future, show key trends in archival education as well contribute to an overall learning model for historians, public historians and specifically archivists teaching in university settings today.
Adviser: Lisa Pruitt.