The Short-Term Mental Health Effects of Yoga on College Students

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Ingle, Whitney
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Exercise is necessary for individuals in our society today, not only for its physical benefits but for its mental and emotional benefits as well. Yoga has been an up-and-coming exercise for people of all ages. Yoga has been shown to improve physical health in many ways for different age groups; there has also been correlation between yoga and improved mental health. In this research study, the relationship between yoga and the mental health of college students is examined. The participants underwent a working memory, attention-interference, and stress test before and after their semester of yoga. The purpose of this study is to test the short-term benefits of yoga on the mental health of college students after 1 month of practicing yoga.
yoga, mental health, cognitive, exercise, college students, working memory, attention-interference, aerobic exercise, stress, stroop’s test