Evaluating high school athletic administrators' perceptions of sportsmanship

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King, Kevin Michael
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Middle Tennessee State University
With proper education, sport has the ability to build character, create teamwork, be a positive influence, and change lives. As high school athletic associations across the country expand in size and scope challenges related to sportsmanship have grown exponentially. A lack of educational funding for sportsmanship, shortage of training for officials and coaches and new sponsorship opportunities has high school sports in the United States at a crossroads. One critical question addressed is how sportsmanship is being perceived, developed, implemented and managed in high school athletic associations and the states they govern. Participants consisted of (n = 50) representing each state high school athletic association in the United States. Conclusion: at present, it is highly likely the current level of education, training, funding, and lack of unified sportsmanship policy is insufficient in creating opportunities for coaches and athletes to value and display sportsmanship at the high school level in the United States.
Administrator, High school, Sportsmanship