Gender Dynamics of Sexual Victimization in United States Prisons

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Ballantyne, Emily
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
This thesis will examine reported rates of sexual victimization in both male and female institutions, as well as reports of correctional staff misconduct. In addition to reviewing the academic literature on this problem, the thesis will examine media portrayals of these events regarding gender dynamics, the language used to describe the occurrences, and whether there are differences in the perceptions of sexual victimization regarding men or women, inmate or correctional staff. An analysis of both of these resources suggests that media accounts of current and former inmates’ experiences differ from what is reported in professional research. There are many reasons as to why sexual misconduct occurs in penal institutions, but this study focuses on why the dynamics are so different in male and female prisons and why reporting may be neglected.
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, prison rape, correctional officer abuse, transgender inmates, sexual misconduct in prisons