Syllabi Genre Analysis: Examining Technology's Role in the Classroom

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Newman, Erica
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Mobile technology and electronic devices have become such staples of industrialized, twenty-first-century society that they have even infiltrated classrooms. Because instructors recognize this infiltration, technology policies have become part of the conventions within the genre of syllabi. For this project, I examined the role that technology plays in the classroom as outlined in syllabi. To do this, I conducted a textual analysis on the technology policies of twenty-seven syllabi collected from upper-division English classes at Middle Tennessee State University. I found that while some syllabi ignore electronic devices and do not actually have technology policies, most other syllabi forbid using technology in classrooms; however, exceptions to these policies are made, such as for emergencies or taking notes. As technology will not be going away, I suggest that more research be conducted on incorporating technology rather than banning it and that more lines of communication be opened about technology use in classrooms.
technology, syllabus, syllabi, policies, genre, mobile