Drawing the Line: Defining Consent in Cosplay

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Deckard, Victoria
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Sexual harassment is an all-too-common issue in many parts of life. When it becomes a part of an environment that is solely meant for joy and amusement, a line needs to be drawn. Cosplay is a wonderfully exciting hobby. The fact that there is sexual harassment in cosplay at all tarnishes the positivity that the activity centers around. Misunderstanding does not excuse such behavior, and in fact, is sometimes at the root of the problem. I have written a play in which characters experience such harassment. Cosplayers should support each other, and with the introduction of the “Cosplay Is Not Consent” movement, the door is opened for them to do just that. Thinking about consent on these terms will hopefully inspire further thought of the importance of consent in general. Pure and simple, no should always mean no. Furthermore, permission is always necessary when it comes to touching. The way to tackle a problem is to first admit that there is one.
College of Liberal Arts, Cosplay, Sexual Harassment, Creativity