One Man’s Trash can be Everyone’s Burden: A Case Study Analysis of Rutherford County’s Waste Status

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Horner, Katelynn
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Today, waste disposal and generation are notorious concerns for the world. This concern is being worsened by the declining recycling market. As a civilized community, improper waste disposal can be dangerous to the health of the citizens, but people do not want to know how waste is disposed after they place it in the trash bin. Rutherford County in Tennessee has a unique waste situation. Two landfills are located near its center providing the entire County with free waste disposal since 1995. Within the next ten years, both landfills will have closed, and Rutherford County residents will begin to pay for waste disposal. This paper analyzes the effect of waste disposal on Rutherford County’s triple bottom line (environmental, social, and economic). Going forward, Rutherford County needs to build an Integrated Solid Waste Plan and set strategic goals that gain the community’s approval and limit environmental impact.
landfill, Rutherford County, Rutherford County, Tennessee, triple bottom line, baseline