Urban Sprawl and Environmentally Safe Alternatives

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Hall, Brittnie D.
Phipps, Eli
Sharp, Christopher
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Middle Tennessee State University
A critical issue that faces many places all over the world is urban sprawl. This issue affects overpopulated and underpopulated regions alike, and is detrimental to both the people and the communities that it touches. Using various online reports, articles and graphs, we are attempting to better educate our community on urban sprawl as well as propose ways to decrease it, and its impact on our communities, cities, and planet. Our research was done in November, 2015, and we hope that the results of said research and proposal of possible solutions will influence the community in the future to strive to create laws, new procedures, or limitations for the mitigation, or perhaps eventually the total elimination of urban sprawl. Our goal is to bring urban sprawl into the spotlight, and help start conversations that could lead to more ideas to do something about the problem.
Urban Sprawl, Suburban Sprawl, Environmental Issues, Environmental Alternatives