Phil Spector and the Wall of Sound

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Quinn, Steven
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Phil Spector was one of, if not the most influential producer of the 1960s and was an instrumental part in moving music in a new direction. With his “Wall of Sound” technique, he not only changed how the start of the decade sounded but influenced and changed the style of some of the most iconic groups ever to exist, including The Beach Boys and the Beatles. My research focused on how Spector developed his technique, what he did to create his iconic sound, and the impact of his influence on the music industry. As well, I used my research to record three songs that show Spector’s style in different stages of his career with the goal of seeing if I could recreate his sound with the resources and equipment available to me.
recording, 1960s, pop music, production, Phil Spector, Beach Boys, production techniques