Experiences of American Families Who Have Adopted Children from Bulgarian Orphanages

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McArthy, Abigail
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
In this study, 26 families who had adopted children from Bulgarian orphanages were surveyed about their adoption experiences. Families were asked about (a) their child’s time in an orphanage, (b) their child’s pre- and post-adoption diagnoses and behavior, and (c) their family’s transition, relationships, and support. Families’ responses were compared to one another and to those in Groza et al. (2008). There was not a significant relationship between time spent in orphanage, age of child at adoption, and children’s attachment. Overall, the pre- and post-adoption diagnoses were not different. The level of support from friends/family or support groups and transition into family was not related. There were, however, similarities in the experiences of families in this study and to those in Groza et al. Also, there was a significant negative relationship between child behavior disruption and the parent-child relationship. Implications of these results will be discussed.
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, adoption, Bulgaria, attachment, children, orphan, orphanage