Communicated Commemorabilia: A Creative Project Exploring Christian Recovery

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Ward, Eli
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
When people tell their stories, they often use spoken symbols to aid in memorializing important events, especially experiences of healing. In this way, people commemorate their healing in conversation. This creative project reflects on the experiences of men and women in Christian recovery groups. As these Christians heal, they tell stories of radical new identities, reimagined families, gradual healing, empowering practices, and novel perceptions of God. I have translated these spoken symbols into visual symbols, a long-established mode of communication in Christian tradition. Through a series of watercolor stained glass windows, the sacred symbols in these stories of healing are illuminated. These windows have been presented in an immersive gallery to further invite viewers to experience the symbols within these stories of Christian recoverees. Communicated Commemorabilia, as a creative project, reflects on the intersections of religion and health and the translation of language to art.