The Untold Stories of the Maney Family Slaves: A Case Study of Slavery in Murfreesboro

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Creel, Audrey
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
For years, Oaklands Mansion has stood proudly at the head of downtown Murfreesboro. Today, the Oaklands Mansion house museum offers tours surrounding the Civil War history of the home. As a wealthy, prominent family in Murfreesboro, Oaklands’ Maney family was one of the largest slave holding families in Murfreesboro. However, very little research has been devoted to the African Americans enslaved by the Maney family. Upon emancipation, this African American community played an influential role in post-Civil War Murfreesboro. An in-depth analysis of two African American Maney families illustrates common struggles faced by African Americans in Murfreesboro during the Reconstruction Era. This study will help broaden the knowledge of the African American Maney community in Murfreesboro and can be used to better understand Murfreesboro history. This project attempts to give a voice to the African Americans who have been overlooked by history.
Liberal Arts, Murfreesboro, History, slavery, reconstruction era, money