The Educational and Personal Impact of a Study Abroad Course

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Massey, Mikayla
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The topic of this thesis is not a new discussion point. Study abroad benefits have been investigated by many universities and programs. However, within this thesis, I aim to incorporate not only statistical proof of personal development but also my own experiences as a study abroad student in New Zealand. As a result of my trip, I strongly believe that study abroad is a phenomenal way for students to learn about other cultures, cultivate personal growth, and expand their knowledge of the world. The purpose of this thesis is to share the profound impact I experienced as a study abroad student and to explore if this experience is common across students who engage in study abroad courses. I will also seek to debunk the common misconception that all study abroad is expensive. Study abroad is financially available to anyone who is willing to work hard. I believe that this trip changed me as a person and that all students should make an effort to participate in a study abroad trip during their academic careers.