Apocalypse Then and Now

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Duke, John
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This project is a documentary film about changing perspectives in public opinion and public memory of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was an event that left a mark on American society and is seen by many as a turning point in American history. This project will examine how the Vietnam War is remembered by the American people, both those who were young when the war was happening and those who are only now studying it. The main content of this project comes from a series of interviews with veterans of the Vietnam War returning to Vietnam decades later and with modern-day college students who are studying the war through a study abroad program in Vietnam. This project will show how people’s personal opinions on the war have changed over the years and how the entire American society’s views on Vietnam have shifted across generations and will attempt to explain why these changes have occurred.
Vietnam War, veterans, public memory, media, perspective