A Relational Analysis: How Three Different Method Books Teach K-5 Elementary School Teachers to Use Music and Song in the Classroom

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Nasca, Jessica
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study was to analyze the content of three elementary music method books used in preparing K-5 pre-service and in-service teachers to integrate music and song into their future classrooms. This study focused on the common themes found within the three texts to determine similarities and differences of how songs can be implemented into the elementary classroom. A review of related literature was used to formulate categories for examination, which included types of songs, activities, teaching strategies, lesson plans, and teaching students with exceptionalities. Data was collected and categorized according to these themes. From these data, pre-service and in-service K- 5 teachers may learn what skills they will need to effectively implement song use in the elementary classroom and which songs are commonly incorporated in elementary teaching. Suggestions for future research are also included.
College of Education, Music Integration, K-5 classroom, Teachers, Music, Guide Books, Analysis