Challenging the Western Lens: Female Genital Cutting and the Complex Intersection of Human Rights and Cultural Meaning

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Ledridge, Aaralyn
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Intersectionality necessitates that the Western perspective be examined on the global issue of female genital cutting (FGC), which this thesis explores, as well as its portrayal by international activists, particularly feminist activists and international aid agencies, highlighting prevalent ethnocentrism in Western discourse surrounding the practice. I argue for a shift towards transnational/postcolonial feminist and anthropological perspectives to broaden the discourse and understanding of FGC and challenge Western-centric views, especially concerning the “universal” concepts of freedom and agency. Through exploring multiple viewpoints on FGC, this thesis aims to contribute to feminist discourses and expand perspectives on FGC and similar practices often misunderstood by the West. By considering diverse perspectives, this research seeks to foster more comprehensive and culturally sensitive approaches to FGC and similar customs, ultimately promoting greater respect for cultural diversity and the intersectionality of such topics.