Best practices for using conditional release in online classes

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Gardner, Justin G.
Fisher, Lawanna S.
Brinthaupt. Thomas M.
Raffo, Deana M.
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Middle Tennessee State University
DonEl Learning Inc.
With advances in online course delivery methods, teachers have a variety of options to control the release of course content based on specific criteria. Despite the availability of such conditional release tools, no best practice recommendations are available to guide the implementation of these tools. In this paper, we define the concept of conditional release, review relevant literature, report a series of case descriptions and lessons learned from courses where conditional release was used, and generate a list of best practices for use of conditional release. These recommendations provide teachers and course designers with guidance regarding the use of conditional release tools. Implications for course design, delivery, and research using these tools are also discussed.
Conditional release, Online teaching, Online pedagogy, Best practices
International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, Volume 8, Number 10, October 2011,