The Nature of Feminine Rage: A Creative Exploration of Female Anger

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Scott, Katrina
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Women’s anger is a force rarely seen but so powerful that it touches every aspect of our daily lives. Each time a woman walks into a voting booth, swipes her credit card, or uses birth control, we see the power of centuries of angry women. For this project, I created a multimedia art installation that explored the nature of feminine anger. Conceptually, I explored emotions commonly labeled as “undesirable” for women. I used plant and animal imagery as my subject matter to express these issues because of the human characteristics associated with different species throughout cultural history. Although animals have long served as vessels of human emotions, my work portrays them as champions of free expression, unrestrained by societal expectations. I used this imagery to evoke the concept of emotional freedom from anger repression and to frame female emotional expression as a natural occurrence.
College of Liberal Arts, Art, Creative, Creative Project, Feminism, Feminine, Anger, Emotion, Women's Role, Exploration, Creativity, Creative Exploration, Art Project