Developing an Application as a Learning Supplement for Key Concepts in x86_64 Assembly Language Programming using NASM

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Swaminathan, Maya
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
At Middle Tennessee State University, the Introduction to Assembly Language (CSCI 3160) course is open to students from different fields of study. If students need extra help with the content of the course outside of class, there are not many resources that they can use to effectively learn and gain additional practice. We observed that some students struggle and possibly fail the course. Although office hours are available, some students do not utilize them. Previous research shows that a supplemental application can benefit students finding difficulty with a course. For those reasons, the author has developed an application as a learning supplement for students struggling with key concepts in the course. The creation of the supplement consists of two phases: research and implementation. The resulting application is a user-friendly interface that covers thirteen topics crucial to the course's successful completion. Students can now utilize the application to get extra help for the course. We believe that the application will improve the pass rate for the course.