Enhancing Cloud Security and Privacy with Zero-Knowledge Encryption and Vulnerability Assessment in Kubernetes Deployments

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Alqarni, Ali
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Middle Tennessee State University
Cloud computing has become increasingly significant in recent years, yet security concerns and the challenges of rapidly building, testing, and deploying systems in monolithic environments can hinder innovation. Kubernetes provides a practical approach for distributed systems. In this thesis, we investigate an integrated framework to enhance the security and privacy of a Django-based application deployed on an open-source Kubernetes cluster, adding hybrid encryption and zero-knowledge encryption, and identifying vulnerabilities. This work contributes to understanding how Django's built-in security features can be effectively combined with Kubernetes deployment to provide a potentially robust web application environment. The results demonstrate that Django and Kubernetes can be effectively combined to create an efficient application deployment platform showing minimal vulnerabilities using monitoring tools such as Kube-hunter, Datree, and Mozilla Observatory. Also, our results showcase a practical implementation of zero-knowledge encryption and how it can be applied in a real-world setting.
Cloud, Django, Kubernetes, Privacy, Security, Zero-knowledge encryption, Computer science