Development of a computer managed instruction companion to the health-related physical fitness test.

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Key, James
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this nontraditional dissertation was to develop a computer program that would assist in managing the data collected with the Health-Related Physical Fitness Test. The program was designed to accept student biographical and raw score test data and convert it into individual and class records. The raw scores are converted to percentile scores by the computer in a colorful bar chart presentation. The program was designed to store the records on a disk, and to be able to print out either an individual or class record. Short educational modules were included in the program to help students better understand their scores. A user's guide was developed to simplify operation of the program and is included in Chapter 4. A simulated execution of the program is included in the Appendices to explain how the program operates. The program was written in Applesoft BASIC on an Apple IIe computer with 64 kilobytes of memory, 1 disc drive, and a printer.