A Comparative Analysis of Successful Boy Band Management Teams

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Reilly, Carlyssa
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
This paper reviews previous and current boy band management teams to develop ways to improve such management going forward. The four case studies include: Brian Epstein with The Beatles; Lou Pearlman with Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and others; Syco with One Direction and others; and Prestige Management with The Vamps and others. In some cases, the inexperience (Epstein) or greed of the manager (Pearlman) affected the band's ability to succeed and receive their due. The management team may dictate everything about the band leading to eventual discord (Syco). In other cases, the band is given too much leeway (Prestige) and is allowed to ignore advice that could help them. By reviewing these cases, we can see that certain steps can help current boy band management: (1) Create a moral and varied team. (2) Know the target audience. (3) Have a social media presence. (4) Cross-market the bands. (5) Start small.
Media and Entertainment, management, boy band, Beatles, Syco, Lou Pearlman, Simon Cowell, Prestige Management, Brian Epstein, Successful