An instructional manual of games and creative activities for physical education and recreation.

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Van, Vactor
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Middle Tennessee State University
Purposes of this dissertation were three fold: (1) design a games manual that will help change the way professional physical educators and recreators view play; (2) present in one source leadership concepts and one hundred and forty five varied and exciting games complete with clear and concise instructions; (3) format the manual in such a way as to be congruous with the time frame of a college quarter or semester system if used as a course in a college curriculum.
The manual is intended for the instructor, as well as the student, of games and activities. It is divided into six sections comprising various leadership material and techniques for the games professional. The manual is complimented by the use of one-hundred and eighteen photographs and six diagrams to help the instructor/student grasp the mechanics of the game quickly.
The first two sections deal with the introduction for the best use of the manual, the developing of a games philosophy, and the leadership material for presentation in a classroom environment. It includes information such as the twelve decision making categories that will aid the instructor/student in changing games to meet intended needs. Also included is information such as: essentials for leadership, creativity, prizes and awards, motivation, and safety factors. These two sections include introduction and competencies information as well as questions for review at the end of each section.
Sections three through six include a total of one-hundred and forty-five inactive, active, cooperactive, and initiative games and activities. Each of the inactive games, active games, and cooperative games and activity sections include an introduction along with information on equipment needed, formations, actions, and leadership suggestions based upon experiences. The section on initiative games includes an introduction along with equipment needed, objectives, rules, and leadership suggestions.
The manual is supported by a very extensive appendix section including information on course aids, refreshment suggestions, game sheets, and suggested evaluation materials. The manual provides a complete course for use in the curriculum of any physical education or recreation department.
Major Professor: A. H. Solomon.