National Reconciliation Initiatives: South Africa, Burundi, Kenya

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Mercado, Jocelyn
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This thesis analyzes the national reconciliation initiatives in South Africa, Burundi, and Kenya for ten years after a formal establishment of peace. National reconciliation is the process where changes are in made in behavior and attitudes through political leaders (government or opposition) to promote peace. The African Research Bulletin was used to code the reconciliation indicators: symbolic acts, judicial acts, normative statements, and strategic policy statements. In addition, I assessed which types of initiatives are more frequently used within the three countries and if those indicators helped the countries not to re-enter into the cycle of conflict. This research contributes to peacebuilders’ and researchers’ understanding of reconciliation and which national reconciliation initiatives are more effective in sustaining peace. It is anticipated that one-sided violence will continue to rise; therefore, it is a necessity to equip political leaders of post-conflict countries on how to properly commemorate the dead and console survivors.
reconciliation, South Africa, Burundi, Kenya, Karen Brouneus