A Battle for the Mind: The Use of Reacting to the Past in the Academically At-risk Classroom

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Miller, Tiffany
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Academically at-risk students face difficult and unique challenges in higher education. In this study, I argue that Reacting to the Past pedagogy provides students the opportunity to learn effectively. The study focuses on a pilot program recently adopted by Middle Tennessee State University’s reading history initiative. The results of the study suggest that the Reacting to the Past pedagogy increases academic self-efficacy among at-risk students. This increase in self-efficacy leads to a deeper appreciation of learning and higher levels of achievement. This study bridges an important connection between Reacting to the Past pedagogy and at-risk students. Ultimately, this study enhances our understanding of the opportunities that emerging instructional practices, such as Reacting to the Past, can have among academically at-risk communities.
self-efficacy, academically at-risk, reacting to the past, reading history initiative, education, patriots, loyalists