SPEAK NOW!: A Look at Diversity at MTSU

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Dedicatoria, Beatriz
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Speak Now!: A Look at Diversity at MTSU is a creative project in the form of a magazine called Speak Now!. It was greatly inspired by my own diversity experiences, the Me Too movement, coming-out stories of people, and the fight for equality. The goal of this project is to celebrate diversity at MTSU in such a way that could potentially inspire people to take action and push the movement for better publicity of diversity at MTSU forward. The first issue of the magazine features articles, interviews, and visuals highlighting the several areas of diversity among students and professors at MTSU. In its future publications, this magazine will remain true to its title and consistently embody the notion of speaking out, being honest and brave, going bare, and telling the truth.
Liberal Arts, Diversity, speaking up, storytelling, MTSU students & professors, prodcast, travel, South Korea, illustrations