A History of Hand Knitting in the British Isles and My Contemporary Adaptation

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Chisamore, Nora
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The history of knitting is long and diverse, spreading across continents and islands, all with their own varied techniques. The British Isles are known for their long history in the wool industry and their connection to knitting. This project is to research and record the history of knitting in the British Isles. The different techniques are knitted as samples to demonstrate the style and are based on or from historical patterns. The traditional techniques are then interpreted and redesigned to echo contemporary understandings and interests. This thesis includes sections on England, the Channel Islands, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Each section includes a written history, a sample based on historic patterns, and the relevant charts for the sample. The uniqueness of cultural historical knitting techniques is in danger of being lost. This study points to ways of preserving them for the future. Part of keeping the techniques is bringing to the focus in the current day. I have designed a line of six sweaters based on the historic knitting styles and knitted and fully patterned one of them.