An Archaeobotanical Analysis of Site 40DV7

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Aslinger, Holly
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This thesis examines archaeobotanical data collected from the Late Archaic and Middle Woodland Site 40DV7 in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the course of five chapters, it emphasizes the importance and relevance of this data to the archaeology of the American Southeast, analyzes the data using archaeobotanical methods as described by Pearsall (2000), and provides context for the data not only through research of Southeastern archaeobotany, but also through information regarding climate change and mobility patterns. Carya sp. is particularly prevalent throughout the data, as well as other genera of the Juglandaceae family. However, various other plant families are present in the data and, despite their underrepresentation, could suggest that intentional plant cultivation was taking place at or around Site 40DV7 during its Late Archaic and Middle Woodland use.
archaeology, Southeastern, archaeobotany, hickory, Archaic, Middle Woodland, Native American, subsistence