Humans of MTSU: A Strategic Public Relations Campaign

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Tracy, Madison
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Humans of MTSU is a social media project that highlights the diverse stories of the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni of Middle Tennessee State University. The project takes the form of Facebook and Instagram pages called Humans of MTSU, which include faces from across the various departments of the university, along with a caption about the individual, to promote the unique voice of each student and to show MTSU caters to all types of students from different backgrounds. This project follows the format of the groundbreaking Humans of New York. Humans of MTSU is intended to create content that will increase interest in Middle Tennessee State University among students and parents, especially for those who are anxious about the admissions process. When they see a positive message about the school spoken by someone who was not paid to do so, the parents and students will feel more at ease about the university. The stories featured on Humans of MTSU give the school a face and stories, which makes the college experience less scary and more relatable. These endorsements prove that many students are passionate about their school and willing to share the benefits associated with the school and their major or story. Because this is a project to positively reflect the university, the majority of the stories will shed positive light on MTSU. To enable the brand building to continue through Humans of MTSU, a manual is included in this project for future SGA vice presidents of marketing to ensure the message and style are consistent throughout the years. This strategic campaign highlights how continuing the Humans of MTSU project will benefit university marketing and how they can use this as a tool for recruitment, retention, and community building. This will enable potential students to see the benefits associated with becoming True Blue. They will see how MTSU has impacted the lives of students, faculty, and alumni. This marketing tool will be an invaluable resource as MTSU seeks to connect with potential students on a personal basis.
public relations, marketing, Humans of MTSU, Humans of New York, social media, advertising