A Child’s World: A qualitative study of the social and cultural construct of kindergarten children

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Sharp, Calla
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study is to study the social and cultural constructs of Kindergarten children. Since the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC), more attention and focus has been placed on voices of children. The researcher wanted to find out what children think of their school, home life and their emotions. A qualitative study was conducted with 30 Kindergarteners at a local elementary school in fall 2016. Through small group focus interview and work sample (children’s drawing), in-depth data were collected. Adopting Urie Brofenbrenner’s ecological systems theory as the theoretical framework, this study envision to study the implication of the data on children’s construct of childhood. The data will be coded and analyzed according to emerging themes. The results and findings of this research are useful to parents and educators across the world.
education, early childhood education, kindergarten, children