Moving Beyond Excel: A Student’s Perspective on Understanding Emerging Technologies in the Accounting Field

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Grogan, Alexia
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The central focus and purpose of the research conducted for this project are to determine how technology is impacting the accounting field as a whole and to create an accounting technology guide or road map to assist current and future accounting students. The past, present, and future uses of technology in the accounting field will be examined to demonstrate the strides that have been achieved and those that may be achieved in the future. The specific concepts of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data visualization will be examined on a deeper level to understand the overall effects that these developing concepts may have on the accounting field. Students will be able to use the findings of this research to gain an awareness of the current and emerging technologies that will impact their accounting careers, both now and in the future.
Business, accounting, technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data visualization