Isolation of apigenin from Antirrhinum majas

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Allen, Shannon
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee Staate University
Many adults have been exposed to Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-­‐1), which manifests as a painful cold sore. Currently, Acyclovir is the most commonly used drug to reduce the number and severity of HSV-­‐1 outbreaks. The purpose of this research is to isolate an anti-­‐viral compound from plant material that will treat HSV-­‐1. Snapdragon (A. majus) was selected for extractions due to the anti-­‐viral activity found in its crude plant material. Detailed bioassay guided fractionation of A. majus plant material resulted in identification of a compound called apigenin. Although apigenin is a common flavonoid with documented anti-­‐viral activity, it has not been reported previously in A. majus. A published comparison of EC50 values for apigenin and Acyclovir indicates that apigenin could potentially be a replacement drug for the treatment of herpes simplex viruses in Acyclovir-­‐resistant patients
natural product isolation, bio-assay guided fractionalism, flavanoid, snapdragon