A Textual Analysis of Songs from Wicked

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McDonald, Corvette
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
By studying the history of Broadway, feminism in theatre, and the musical Wicked, this thesis analyzes how the lead female characters in Wicked are represented through a critical analysis of the language and themes in three songs from Wicked. The musical has become one of the most highly attended Broadway shows as fans around the world gather to see the famous Witches of Oz. The songs analyzed show the growth of these characters as they recognize the importance of empowerment and the impact they had on each other’s lives. Although Wicked is a progressive musical, its characters sometimes exhibited characteristics that go against the themes of fourth-wave feminism in addition to the many themes represented in the songs. This thesis nevertheless shows the importance of feminism and how, if we let them, the people around us can change our lives for good.
Media and Entertainment, musicals, theatre, feminism, fourth-wave feminism, textual analysis