Creating an Educational Cartoon About Tornado Safety

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McKeon, John
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
History and scientific research performed by preeminent entertainment analysts shows that an audio-visual production regarding the subject of twister safety will undoubtedly save the American population from cyclone related deaths and injuries just as it saved many from educational neglect and poverty in the mid-twentieth century. Thus, I intend to use my range of skills in design and computer animation to construct a solid concept for an animated educational short film using original anthropomorphic animal characters, creative scenescapes, and a fresh, fun storyline aimed at my youthful audience. Detailing each creational step, I will demonstrate what a successful educational children’s cartoon for promoting scientific education and natural disaster awareness would look like.
Liberal Arts, PSA, safety, animation, children, computer-animation, digital-animation, CGI, preproduction, character design, screenwriting, story, tornado, weather, Tornado Fortissimo, Safety On Tour