Sound Isn't Always What You See: An Analysis and Demonstration of the Perception of Sound Effects in Film

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Pearson, Kayla
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The trickery behind foley is often never considered by general visual media audiences. Rarely is the sound effect heard caused by the actual object or action on screen. After many years of blind association, however, the faux effect will live on with a certain image forever. This analysis and mini-demonstration series is meant to bring forth the “misconceptions” of sound effects. I will showcase the most common foley effects and reveal the truth behind their usual perceptions, as well as demonstrate the creative and practical processes of capturing foley effects. To aid with my project, I have spoken with foley artists John Roesch and Alyson Dee Moore. Their opinions and personal experiences have helped significantly with shaping the techniques I will be using during my demonstration, which will include a video clip from Jurassic Park and The Revenant.
College of Media and Entertainment, Foley, Sound Effects, Audio, Audio Production, Film, Film Production