The Impact of School Shootings on American Students: A Research Paper and a Play

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Pegg, Hadley
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Certain events in American history have impacted our nation’s culture: Columbine is one. This tragedy took America by surprise in 1999 and continues to influence us in the present day. Columbine exposed many Americans to the threat of school shootings, and subsequent similar attacks have reinforced our concerns. Gun violence is prevalent in the U.S., and for years people have debated the best method of addressing this issue. People are often confident in their opinions and passionately defend those opinions, especially when faced with opposition. When discussing school shootings, it is important to prioritize the safety of students rather than getting caught in political debates that do nothing to resolve the issue of gun violence in schools. This thesis, comprised of a research paper and a play, is meant to inform adults of the fearful reality many students face today. By explaining how gun violence and security measures impact students, my hope is that more adults will understand the ways students are suffering. This thesis is meant to advocate for the welfare of young lives and encourage adults to do the same.
College of Liberal Arts, School Shootings, Mass Shootings, Gun Violence, Columbine, Gun Control, Security, Police