Pre-Service Teachers Self-Efficacy for Inclusive Practices

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Sivilay, Crystal
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study examines the perceived self-efficacy for inclusive practices in the classroom among pre-service teachers (N= 97) attending Middle Tennessee State University in the spring of 2018. All participants completed a standardized measure of teacher efficacy for inclusive practices, including subscales of efficacy to use inclusive instruction, efficacy in collaboration, and efficacy in managing behavior. The purpose of this study was to understand how formal training and personal experiences of preservice teachers relate to perceived self-efficacy of teaching inclusive classrooms. I also hoped to gain insight from the students enrolled in the teacher education program offered at Middle Tennessee State University and determine implications for inclusive teaching. Results indicate that there is no evidence to support that level education can predict levels of the measure of self-efficacy used here, but there is evidence to partially support that previous experience with inclusive classrooms can predict levels of self-efficacy to use inclusive instruction.
Effiacy, Inclusion, Inclusive practices, Pre-service teachers, Self-efficacy, Teachers, Teacher education