Sustainable Tourism Reflected in the Media

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Hagelberg, Julia Kathleen
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Middle Tennessee State University
This thesis reported on sustainable tourism in the media by analyzing articles from several news sources and travel blogs from January 1, 1980- August 1, 2022, that cover the topic. 88 articles were evaluated in this study, from news sources and travel blogs that featured topics on or related to sustainable tourism. The history of sustainability and tourism, as well as the rise of technology is uncovered via this thesis that plays into the image of sustainable tourism today. The academic findings on sustainable tourism appear to be very slight in the time period of this study which makes this thesis an important and interesting starting point for future studies. Two research questions were examined while doing this: how is sustainable tourism framed via the articles analyzed and which sources were used on this topic? To find out how sustainable tourism is framed as well as the sources used on the topic, this study used textual analysis to uncover these questions.
Media and Communications, Multimedia communications