The Relation between Behavioral and Emotional Changes in Patients during Their Treatment and Their Perceptions of Family Involvement

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Sunny Lusins
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Particular aspects of family support were examined in 19 female and 3 male cancer survivors using a comprehensive survey composed of 5 previously created surveys, and 14 additional questions that were meant to obtain a perspective of how the participant and their family interacted during treatment. Results show significant correlations between strong family support and areas such as decreased mental health problems, increased physical activity, and better dietary choices. However, contrary to the hypothesis, there were no significant correlations observed between communication, adjustment to cancer, and problem-solving. In summary, the results from the present study suggest that strong family support and involvement can be helpful in areas such as decreasing mental health problems, increasing physical activity, and better dietary choices. Future research with more participants and their families is needed to better understand the relation between types of family support and adjustment to a cancer diagnosis. KEYWORDS: patient, behavioral, emotional, family, treatment