An Examination of Undergraduate ESL Preparation

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Rodgers, Shunda
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Middle Tennessee State University
Since the fall of 2004, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) has experienced a yearly increase in undergraduates, making MTSU the undergraduate college of Tennessee. MTSU offers a variety of different programs. While the education program teaches, addresses many factors in relation to the skills and techniques required and used in the classroom, it seems to lag in other areas- like ESL (English as a Second Language) education. ESL education is provided in schools across America to students that a have a native language other than English. Moreover, there are several education classes available at MTSU that address literacy in the classroom, practicums, and even a SPED (Special education) class that addresses the needs of special children. However, there is no program or class that addresses the needs of ESL children. So, are we truly preparing education majors for real life issues and situations in the classroom? In this action research, the researcher will interview twelve students, in different classifications, that are currently in the teacher education program. With the data retrieved, the researcher will report its findings to MTSU in hopes of creating a pilot program for ESL preparation for classrooms.
Undergraduate, ESL, Preparation