Electrochemical Detection of Fenthion for Forensic Analysis

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Robbins, Sydney
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Fenthion is an insecticide that has been widely used to protect crops against pests, however its toxicity has led to environmental and health concerns. Because of the harms fenthion presents, the ability to rapidly and accurately assay this pesticide is essential for forensic investigations of suicides, environmental violations, and poisonings. Electroanalytical techniques have been shown to be advantageous in detecting pesticides. Cyclic voltammetry is an electrochemical technique used to determine the reduction and oxidation of analytes in order to identify unknown compounds. The efficiency of cyclic voltammetry to detect trace amounts of fenthion is reportedly increased with the use of nanoparticles to modify the electrode used. The electrocatalytic capabilities of various nanomaterials drop-casted onto glassy carbon electrodes for fenthion detection will be presented to provide a non-destructive, cost efficient, time sensitive, and reliable method of fenthion detection that can be applied to forensic investigation, environmental protection, and public health efforts.