Evaluation of breed, milk production, and udder characteristics on somatic cell count and udder pathogens in lactating Holstein and Jersey cows

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Brown, Britney
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Somatic cell count (SCC) is an indicator of the health and cleanliness of dairy cattle and is directly related to incidence of mastitis. The effects of cow breed (n = 10/breed, Holstein & Jersey) on milk yield, milk quality, SCC, bacterial cultures, and hygiene scores were compared over a 6-wk period. Milk Samples with a SCC >350,000 cells/ml were cultured. Holstein cows produced significantly more milk than Jerseys (P = 0.0181) and had a greater conductivity (P = 0.0005). SCC measurements were not significantly different. Jerseys had lower hygiene scores indicating that they were cleaner than Holsteins in their udder and flank area. There were no significant differences in leg scores by breed or bacterial species cultured. The results insinuate that Jerseys are cleaner overall, and that conductivity is related to milk yield
Basic and Applied Science, SCC, Jersey, Holstein, milk production, pathogens, bacterial load, cattle, cows, lactation, breed, breed evaluation, conductivity, somatic cell count, hygiene, hygiene score